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2009 Splats

The Year 2009

1 children's picture book sold

Got an AGENT!!

Grand Total for 1999 - 2009:
164 rejects

63 acceptances
2 awards

2 award nominations

Here were my goals:

1. To complete a new YA novel.

 2. To write a new pb.

Here is what happened:

1. I did not complete a YA novel--I did get it started and am 1/3 through the first draft. I will complete it in 2010. I was diligently working on revisions of other books through the year, so I wasn't dawdling! Well, sort of...

2. I did write a new pb, but it still needs revision. 

3. I GOT AN AGENT!!! That has been on my goals list ALL DECADE and then I took it off for 2009 and it happened! She is perfect for me and wonderful. She should be submitting my mg novel in 2010. I'm praying for good news!!!

4. Princess Peepers 2 SOLD!!!



1 reject

3 acceptances

  Dec. 19

 Well, this will be my last entry of the year. Not much in the way of rejections. I mean, ONE??? LOL! But my agent will be starting submissions next year, so I expect more coming. This year has been amazing for my career. There's some very exciting news on the horizon that I can't quite share, but hopefully, will be able to announce it next year officially with all sorts of squeal worthy details. 2009 looks like one of those turning point years for me with a book sale (YAY!) and a great agent and hopefully, it will be the meaning of more acceptances and good news in the future. Praise you, Lord!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 


 Sept. 24 


 Well...I have something to report now! Good news! Princess Peepers was picked up by Scholastic Book Clubs. It will be in the Kindergarten/First grade flyer in the October issue. Look for it when your child comes home with it! The paperback will only be $4.


Sorry it looks as if I've been neglectful, but since I have an agent, I'm sort of waiting on things...And with nothing subbed, nothing is being rejected! It's a weird thing...I don't think I've ever gone this long without a submission!

But this gives me time to yay!   Got the sketches for Princess Peepers 2--wee! It is SOOOO cute! Can't wait to see the finished book!


 June 29 

Lots of things have been happening...mainly, I moved! Again! Luckily, I have an agent, so when I move, it doesn't matter about submissions. Rejection (or acceptances!) will find me.

I just got sketches for my newest pb--they are hilarious. I'm so excited about this book--Multiplying Menace Divides! Coming to a bookstore near you in 2010.

I'm also finishing up some last minute revisions on a novel for my agent and then it's off to the big world out there! Saying many prayers...


  April 13 

    Got a rejection from an un-agented sub I did last year. Took about five months! It was a very encouraging personal, though, so yay for that!

 April 3 

Wow! The third great piece of news is really going to happen! But I must keep it under my hat for a while...hopefully, I'll be able to share soon!

March 5  

    Can I say this has never happened? I have TWO acceptances before my first rejection of the year. Wow. I just got an offer for a sequel to one of my picture books! YAY!!! This is a banner year already!

 Feb. 16   

OH MY!!!!!!! If you've been following this section at all you will know that I've been searching for an agent like FOREVER!!! I'm happy to announce that I have a fabulous agent who is a perfect fit. She was worth the wait!

I praise you, Lord!!!!!!!!!!


Feb. 9  

   Some GREAT news has entered my inbox! But it's not all wrapped up yet, so I can't announce, but I'm hoping to share three pieces of good news! This year is starting off SUPREME!!!!!!

 Jan. 19  

I found good news in my inbox a few days ago. Very good news. But it could all evaporate in a month, so I'm not going to say anything. Just send me wishes, fairydust, a lucky charm and some prayers would be nice.

Now, I have no reason not to start on the YA. Somebody crack the whip! 


Jan. 14

  My inbox is jumping today! Got two emails from two editors. I'm up to my ears in work, but I'm happy about it. I love my job.

I also received a rejection that was a little strange as it had my name on it but it wasn't my character in the text. Turns out, I got the wrong email--always check if you're not sure! And they said the rejection wasn't for me. YAY! I'm still in there! 

 Jan. 2  

Another year, more news...(I hope it's good this year!) May yours be the happiest ever!

My goals are: 1. To complete a YA novel, 2. To write a new pb.



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