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Check this out! 
Fun Eyewear Pattern!

Want to make some fun eyewear just like Princess Peepers wears?

Just click here for the eyewear pattern: Fun Eyewear!

Next, have a parent print it out on colored or white cardstock.

Color and decorate with crystals, jewels, feathers, whatever you want!

Cut them out and glue the eyewear arms or staple them.

Put them on!

Oh, magic mirrors! You look FABULOUS!

Kids! Click here to find out how to make these delicious cupcakes-- go to my blog post about it! Princess Peepers Party Cupcakes!

For Kids

Want to make some cool fire truck crafts while you read FLASH THE LITTLE FIRE ENGINE?

Click here to go to the article! FIRE SAFETY CRAFTS

Holy Pumpkins! Are you a princess (or prince) who wears glasses just like Princess Peepers? If you are (and you ask your parent), you can be a part of Princess Peepers' Glamour Gallery! All you do is send a jpeg picture of yourself to and you and your perfect peepers will be on royal display right here! **Parents! I must have your written permission in the email with the picture in order to put up your child's photo. Thank you!


Remember, Princess Peepers wants to let you know that you'll always be a royal princess inside and out, no matter what! Just be true to yourself!



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